Brie Harrison - A colourful new botanical collection

Brie Harrison - A colourful new botanical collection
We're loving this exciting new collection of vibrant and colourful gifts for the home and garden, designed by Brie Harrison for Burgon & Ball.

The fresh, botanical artwork of designer Brie Harrison is bang on botanical tend with tropical monastera leaves and greenery.  Brie's love for pattern and colour, which have proved hugely popular on fabrics and stationery, shine through.

The new collection - perfect for Mother's Day gifts - includes a stunning secateur and holster gift set, an oh-so-comfy kneeler, gardening gloves and twine as well as a trowel, snips and plant label gift set.

There's also plenty for those who enjoy gorgeous designs around the home: a peg bag, a drinks tray, a storage tin, a pencil case - which we use as a pretty make up bag -and an umbrella to spread a little sunshine on rainy days.

Designer and illustrator Brie works from her studio in Suffolk, but always travels with her sketchbook. She draws inspiration on her trips from the rich detail found in nature, whether out and about in the Suffolk countryside, or further afield.

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Hedgehogs are Struggling - 6 ways you can help

Hedgehogs are Struggling - 6 ways you can help

Hedgehogs are in trouble. Their numbers are declining sharply and there are now believed to be less than one million in the UK - a drop of 30% in the last 10 years.

Our gardens are an important part of the hedgehog’s habitat and there are a number of ways you can help to arrest their decline. We spoke to the Chief Executive of The British Hedgehog Preservation Society, Fay Vass, who suggests the following:

1.    Ensure there is hedgehog access in your garden – a 13cm x 13cm gap in boundary fences and walls.

2.    Make sure netting is kept at a safe height.

3.    Check compost heaps before digging the fork in.

4.    Stop or reduce the amount of pesticides and poisons used.

5.    Cover drains or deep holes.

6.    Ensure there is an easy route out of ponds and pools.


Fay adds: "bonfires are disastrous for hedgehogs, so move piles of rubbish to a new site before burning. Ideally bonfires should not be built until the day they are to be lit. This will not only save wildlife from burning to death but will also stop the bonfire from getting soaked if it rains the night before".

What to do if you find a hedgehog

If you find a hedgehog you are concerned about, use gardening gloves to collect it up, bring it indoors and put it in a high sided cardboard box with an old towel or fleece in the bottom for the hedgehog to hide under.

Fill a hot water bottle so that when it is wrapped in a towel there is a gentle heat coming through and put it in the bottom of the box with the hedgehog, ensuring it has room to get off the bottle and making sure the bottle is kept warm (if allowed to go cold it will do more harm than good). Put the box somewhere quiet.

Offer meaty cat or dog food and fresh water and call The Hedgehog Preservation Society as soon as possible on 01584 890 801 for further advice and the numbers of local contacts.

Throughout June 2016 we'll donate 15% from every item sold in the Kissing Hedgehogs range: (Kissing Hedgehogs picnic blanket, picnic hamper and picnic pouch) to The British Hedgehog Preservation Society.

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Be My Valentine

Since time immemorial lovers have been exchanging love tokens and  the origins of Valentine's Day can be traced as far back as Roman times. 

Roses, chocolates, champagne and gifts with hearts are typically exchanged today. We're ambivalent about some Valentine's gifts; shiny red plastic hearts and mass produced red roses do nothing for us.

But what can be more beautiful, and heart-felt than a bunch of blowsy pink tea roses? Especially if they are displayed in an exquisite vase.


The Heart is universally recognised as a symbol of love and the heart motif has featured in design since the earliest days of man.  There is evidence of heart shapes painted by Cro-Magnon hunters before the first Ice Age. 

Fast forward to modern times and this Heart key ring from Culinary Concept's Amore collection would make a lovely Valentine's gift and brighten up any bunch of keys.
Champagne symbolises love, celebration and joy.

What can be more romantic than presenting your loved one with a  bottle of champagne, coupled with a pair of  champagne flutes to share it with?

  Prior to the appearance of Valentine cards, handkerchiefs were often given as love tokens.

During Medieval times knights going to battle would carry with them a hankie given to them by the women they loved.

This heart hanky box, containing three hand-printed hankies and made in England by Thornback & Peel, would make a lovely modern-day equivalent.

Hearts and flowers may be the way to some women's hearts, but for others only jewellery will cut the mustard.

Jewellery shows your loved one just how special they are to you.  This exquisite You and me necklace,  hand made in England and featuring You & Me hand stamped silver charms, will show her just how much you care.

  Chocolates?  We would love to be given a delicious Bee Mine chocolate heart from Rococo, crafted in dark chocolate and hand painted with an adorable bee.

Of course, we would be delighted to receive a gift-wrapped package with a hammered silver-plated heart-shaped dish inside too!

During the Middle Ages the tradition of sending love letters began and Valentines cards later proliferated during Victorian times.  

Since Medieval times it was believed that birds chose their mate on February 14th and as we we write, listening to the mating song of the birds, who are we to argue?

So with a final nod to the birds, this birdbox with heart shaped opening would make a lovely Valentine token for your lovebird.


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