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In The Pink

A Pink Quartz Ballpoint Pen
A beautiful Ted Baker pen in pink quartz colour with rose gold
A Pink Quartz Fountain Pen
A beautiful fountain pen designed by Ted Baker
(-12.01%) £43.95
A Ted Baker Water Bottle
Embossed bow pattern and 'HydraTed' printed on the pink silicone sleeve
Butterfly Scarf
A cotton scarf in vintage pink butterfly design
Cosmetic Bag Cherry
A screen printed cosmetic bag printed with Cherry design
Flower Scissors
Bradleys pink flower scissors in leather pouch
Gardener's Gloves - Raspberry
Gardener's Gloves by Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball in raspberry
Gubbins Pots - Raspberry
Gorgeous raspberry tins designed by Sophie Conran
Herb Pots - Raspberry
Gorgeous raspberry herb pots designed by Sophie Conran
(-13.38%) £12.95
Herringbone Throw - Cerise Pink
A stylish herringbone luxury throw woven in pure new wool with deep fringe
iPad Case Pink
Gorgeous Alison van der Lande Fine Textured Italian Leather iPad Case
(-63.19%) £34.95
Jelly and Cake Apron
White cotton apron printed with pink jellies and cakes
Jelly and Cake Oven Glove
Cotton oven glove printed with pink cakes and jellies  
Jelly and Cake Tea Towel
White cotton teatowel hand-printed with cakes and jellies
Luxury Matches
Keep Calm and Light a Candle
Manicure Set - Chelsea Border
A gorgeousTed Baker manicure set with rose gold detail
Matches Bottle - Pink
A bottle of long pink matches with co-ordinating white tips
Ombre Pots - Raspberry
A set of five ombre indoor pots designed by Sophie Conran
Pastel Pink Chalk Vase
A substantial handmade vase with sweeping strokes of pastel pink
(-49.93%) £17.50
Peony Brogue Notebook
A gorgeous notebook from Ted Baker's collection in Peony colour.
Polka Vase Rose Pink
A spherical hand-painted vase with a rose pink lustre
Polka Vase Rose Pink Large
A spherical hand-painted vase with a rose pink lustre
Porcelain Rose Mini Notebook
A mini notebook with slimline pen designed by Ted Baker
Pruning Gauntlets - Pink
Described by The Daily Telegraph as 'The Range Rover of Gardening Gloves'
Pure New Wool Cushion
Pure new wool cushion in shades of pink and aqua
Pure New Wool Throw
A gorgeous 'Rome' pure new throw throw in shades of pink and aqua
Rhubarb and Raspberry Scented Votive
A glorious fruity fragrance evocative of summer gardens
Ted Baker Chelsea Border notebook
A gorgeous A5 notebook with 'Roses are Red' quote on the cover
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