Rhubarb and Raspberry Scented Votive

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Product Information

This little candle packs a punch and will fill your home with its glorious fruity fragrance evocative of summer gardens.

Made with pure essential oils. Hand poured natural 100% natural plant wax candle with cotton wick, in recycled glass holder with bee motif. 

Vegan friendly. PETA certified

9 cl scented votive. Approx burn time 25 hours. Made in Britain

Burns beautifully releasing the fragrance of essential oils contained within the wax. There are no nasty chemicals in these candles so they can also be used as a massage candle. Simple dip your fingers in the warm wax and rub into your skin. The natural wax acts as a moisturiser that can be left on, or washed off.

When the candle has finished, the glass can be re-used - simply wash out with warm soapy water and reuse the glass with its bee motif as a pretty tea light holder.

Made in England by beefayre, a wonderful company inspired by nature and the plight of the honeybee.

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