Traditional Tartan Robin and Stag Christmas Crackers, box of 8

Product Information

A box of eight Traditional Tartan Robin and Stag 12" Deluxe Christmas Crackers finished with red satin ribbon.

Hand painted watercolour design on high quality paper.

The crackers and their packaging are recyclable; there is no plastic and the contents are reusable. The contents include eg tweezers, cookie cutter, keyring, decoration, puzzles etc (see image).

There are 4 Stag crackers and 4 Robin crackers in each box.

The tradition of robins at Christmas time goes back to Victorian times. The postmen wore bright red uniforms to deliver Christmas cards which earned them the nickname 'robin' or 'redbreast'. Soon robins began to decorate anything relating to Christmas and the familiar little brown and red bird symbolises Christmas today.

All of our Christmas crackers are eco-friendly: plastic free and recyclable, including the paper hats and mottoes. 

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