Hori Hori Multi Function Gardening Tool

Product Information

The Hori Hori is a Japanese gardening tool popular around the world for its ability to do the job of several small hand tools in the garden with a unique blend of digging and cutting features. Due to its shape and size and its ruled blade you can dig, transplant, saw, cut, and even measure soil depth for planting bulbs.

This multi-functional Hori Hori knife is a great tool for multi-tasking in the garden. The dual-sided stainless-steel trowel blade is curved to aid with digging.  Use the straight edge for cutting and the serrated edge for sawing through roots with ease - and it is well suited for harvesting herbs or lettuces by the handful. Use the sharp point to make seed troughs in the soil and the ruler markings ensure planting bulbs etc to the right spacing and depth. 

The ultimate gardening tool for digging, trenching, planting, cutting.

Stainless steel tool with beechwood handle with laser-etched logos.

Length is 320mm / 12.6"

The Hori Hori tool comes in a stylish branded gift box - great gift for a gardener.

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