Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Seed Ball Tin - Blue and White Wild Flowers

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Product Information

Encourage wonderful wildflowers to flourish in your garden whilst helping the decline in the bee population and other pollinating insects

This delightful seed ball tin with Peter Rabbit illustration from Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit tales will encourage children to garden.

The seed ball tin contains a mix of blue and white wild flower seeds that bees will just love: Harebell, Bunny's Tail Grass, Wild Carrot, Yarrow, Hedge Bedstraw, White Clover, Spiked Speedwell and Greater Stitchwort.

Included in each tin are six seed balls, each containing lots of the wildflower seeds. There is an instruction booklet in each tin explaining how to get the best results from your seed balls and what to expect during the germination process.

The Seed Balls contain wildflower seeds encapsulated in a clay ball; completely peat free, the clays protects the seeds until there is enough moisture in the soil, when the clay will start to break down and release the seeds.

A lovely gift for a gardener or lover of Peter Rabbit, whether children or adults.

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